Wednesday, August 29, 2007

2007-08-18 Sanchong TPO

Sanchong Temporary Post Office (TPO)
Name: Myths and Legends of China - Chang'e Flies to the Moon
TPO Open Date/Time: 2007 August 18th(96.8.18) (8:30-12:30)
Cancellation Design: Queen Mother of the West Obliges Houyi with Elixir

Although Houyi cared little about being banished from Heaven, he couldn't bear the fact that he would one day die and become nothing. Searching for a way to regain his immortality, he traveled to the palace of Xi Wang Mu, the Queen Mother of the West, on Kunlun Mountain. Houyi would seek her elixir of immortality. The stories of the great hero, Houyi, were known to the goddess and she took pity on him and agreed, with one condition. Knowing that Houyi was a skilled architect, she asked him to build her a summer palace in exchange for the immortality drug. He agreed and for many months he laboured and earned it. Before departing, Xi Wang Mu warned Houyi that these two elixir that she gave him are the last of their kinds. Houyi planned to spend them on himself and his wife(Chang'e).

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