Wednesday, August 29, 2007

2007-08-18 Keelung TPO

Keelung Temporary Post Office (TPO)
Name: 2007 Keelung Mid-Summer Ghost Festival & Taoist Master - Zhong Kui
TPO Open Date/Time: 2007 August 18th(96.8.18) (9:00-12:00)
Cancellation Design: Zhong Kui Marries off His Sister

According to folklore, Zhong Kui travelled with Du Ping (杜平), a friend from his hometown, to take part in the imperial examinations at the capital. Though Zhong achieved top honours in the exams, his title of "zhuangyuan" was stripped by the emperor because of his disfigured appearance. In anger, Zhong Kui committed suicide upon the palace steps by hurling himself against the palace gate until his head was broken. Du Ping buried him. After Zhong became king of ghosts in Hell, he returned to his hometown on the Chinese New Year's Eve. To repay Du Ping's kindness, Zhong Kui gave his younger sister in marriage to Du.

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