Saturday, August 25, 2007

2007-08-13 Keelung TPO

Keelung Temporary Post Office (TPO)
Name: 2007 Keelung Mid-Summer Ghost Festival & Taoist Master - Zhong Kui
TPO Open Date/Time: 2007 August 13th(96.8.13) (9:00-12:00)
Cancellation Design: Wu Daozi paints Zhong Kui

Zhong Kui (鍾馗 pinyin: Zhǒng Kuí, Shōki in Japanese) is a figure of Chinese mythology. Traditionally regarded as a vanquisher of ghosts and evil beings, and reputedly able to command 80,000 demons, his image is often painted on household gates as a guardian spirit, as well as in places of business where high-value goods are involved.

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2007-08-03 Taitung TPO

Taitung Temporary Post Office (TPO)
Name: 2007 Taiwan Hakka Century Impression Exhibition
TPO Open Date: 2007 August 11th(96.8.11)
Cancellation Design: Hakka